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On September 4th, 2012, I found a job and now happily working again at a job I enjoy working at very much!


A little ditty about me....

Hello to all my family, friends and fellow clients.

As of December 31st, 2011 my Kevin Prutzman ...A Graphic Design Studio is no longer in business.

As with most businesses in today's economic hard times, it has become difficult to continue operation. Art (Graphic Design) has always been something I have loved doing and will continue to do. Though not as in an operating business sense anymore.

I enjoy tinkering around with websites. So, I will keep my website, because who in the world would want a business website named after me!!! And I don't want some other wacko out there using my name. :-P

So, with that said, if you are looking for fun and entertainment, jokes and funny stuff you will find that here and games you will find here. And art that I have drawn or created you will find here.

I will constantly update this website with my thoughts on life. Though I will try to keep most of them to myself. :) I can understand (and know) other people don't want "me" telling them how to live their lives.

This website will now be a constant work in progress. You can watch it grow and flourish, or go and watch some other site look the same forever. I will put up games that I may find of interest. No, not those high tech type of games! My games will be of mind boggling fun. I will be pushing the limits of the web. (Ok, or pushing the limits of "my" website.) Because that is what creative minded artists are to do! If I find myself completely bored and energetic I may go back to doing an illustration or two. But as for my own pleasure of relaxation.

Anyway, Joyce's Custom Sewing website, piggybacked off of my website, still exists and she continues to do her sewing. So feel free to use her services. I hear she is an extremely good seamstress, who can do wonders with messed up wedding gowns that need alterations from those bridal shops and online services. (Not all of those businesses are bad. I am sure there are some reputable places out there.) But she can also sew dresses, curtains and other items... from just a piece of material too! So, if you need sewing done, click on her logo at the top which is linked to her page. She will take you from there.

Again, let me thank you all who put up with my extreme attention to detail, high standards of graphic design (and living) and pushing the limits of everyone nerves I have worked with, or everything I worked on. Some day you will all look back and say......Well, say whatever you want to say. I am not going to put words into your mouth. I am what I am....a graphic artist.



Now the fine print. If you can't read this, move your eyes closer to the screen!